To celebrate the launch of our game, Ascendants of Aetheros, a Backstory Contest was held where fans could send in their imagined backstories for any character in the game.

Have a look at some of the great entries we received!

Ascendants of Aetheros Backstory Contest Winners

Most voted entry: Daniel Haigh

Character: The Game’s Light, Trinity Valda

The Seraphim Royal Library has revealed the truth to them and now they both must prepare for the trial ahead. The Game’s Light, Trinity Valda sets to rectify the injustice of time on her fellow kind and save the one she loves. Although she is not yet aware of it, she is the Legendary Lightbringer depicted by prophecy as the key to ending the suffering of the inhabitants of Aetheros and restoring unity across the lands. She stands ready at the forefront of her fellow hunters. "Do not hesitate, their destruction is imminent."

Ascendants of Aetheros Backstory Staff Picks

The staff picks are displayed in no particular order.

Staff Pick #1: Liana Burnside

Character: Avalon of Faith, Angelissa Millie

Angelissa is not cruel by nature. She is cruel by necessity. The Yokai had clawed their way into the mountain village she had once called home. She had burned her own town to the ground, preferring cinders to the sacrilege of monsters taking what was hers. With no home left, she fights as a woman unafraid of failure. She considers herself divine retribution personified, and seeks Sky Shards as a means to power. Her intentions aren’t pure, but they are just. What else matters?

Staff Pick #2: Jon Beadle

Character: Banished Shadow, Ama-no-jyaku

Even among the Yokai, there are spirits of which no one dares speak. Banished Shadow, Ama-no-jyaku is one of these. An insatiable hunger drives her to devour the souls of her victims and take their bodies as her own. Her true face is unknown; she might be an Elf one day and a Werebeast the next. Ama-no-jyaku has lived among all the Races of Aetheros, yet belongs to none of them. What does she seek in the hunt for the Sky Shards? A home among the victorious Race? Or to take the body of the next Sage and rule Aetheros herself?

Staff Pick #3: Thomas King

Character: Forest of Echoes, Alena Goldenleaf

Alena Goldenleaf was young when she found a mysterious trumpet deep in the forest. It was in a place said to be haunted by many Yokai, guarding lost treasures. After recovering the trumpet, Alena began to see music written in distant, sacred locations. The first was carved into an ancient tree, but no one else could see the music written in the bark. Playing the music, a spell was cast, bringing renewed life to the forest and healing all those around her. Alena now searches the world for more of these powerful, lost spells.